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KYCRA Pro Bono Guidelines

The Kentucky Court Reporters Association provides pro bono services to attorneys appointed by the Kentucky Volunteer Lawyer Program, formerly known as Access to Justice Foundation.  Adherence to these guidelines will be required by volunteer reporters and participating attorneys.  Volunteer reporters should expect at all times to be treated courteously by all parties involved.  In turn, the volunteer reporter shall treat all parties with equal courtesy.  Strict adherence to these guidelines will be required by the volunteer reporters and attorneys alike.

  1. A volunteer reporter will provide 50 pages of transcript at no charge.  All subsequent pages will be billed at the reporter’s regular page rate unless the reporter waives this fee or negotiates a discounted page rate.  The format for transcripts shall follow transcript format guidelines recommended by the Kentucky Court Reporters Association.

  2. The volunteer reporter shall disclose in advance to all parties that he/she is providing reporting services on a pro bono basis to the scheduling party.  All other parties will be expected to pay full and normal transcript copy prices.

  3.   Delivery of the pro bono transcript will be provided two weeks from taking of the proceedings.  Requests and fee arrangements for expedited transcripts must be made in advance and agreed to by the volunteer reporter.

  4.  The scheduling attorney shall be responsible for reproduction of exhibits unless an agreement is reached in advance with the volunteer reporter regarding such services.

  5.  Requests for a volunteer reporter shall be made at least five days prior to the need of service and at least 24 hour prior notice shall be given for cancellation of services.  The scheduling attorney shall provide case information and appearances to the reporter at the time services are requested.

  6.  Volunteer reporters are not required to provide rough drafts or realtime services on a pro bono basis.  Ancillary services, such as ASCII disks, subpoena preparation and service, videotape service and deposition on written questions will not be provided on a pro bono basis by the volunteer reporter unless agreed to in advance.

  7.  A volunteer reporter may elect at their own discretion to provide services or time beyond what is required per the Pro Bono Guidelines.

    It is suggested that a copy of these guidelines be provided to all parties. (Revised 12/07)

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