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Reporting a Violation of KRS 454.280

Violations of KRS 454.280 apply to any individual providing reporting services, regardless of method of reporting (including, but not limited to stenographic machine, pen, mask/voice writers, ER/DAR, tape recording or video recording ).

Information to provide when reporting a violation of KRS 454.280

1. Your contact information, including your name, mailing address, phone number, email address.

2. A complete caption of the subject case (MUST be filed in a Commonwealth of Kentucky court); the date the violation occurred; the location where the violation occurred; the name of the reporter before whom the deposition was taken and their contact information.

3. Names and contact information of the attorneys and other witnesses involved.

4. A copy of the transcript.

5. Itemized invoices (when available).

6. Identity of the reporting firm or individual reporter distributing the transcript and billing for services. (This may be two different entities.)

7. Identity of the contracting insurance carrier or company/litigant involved, if information is available.

Violations should be forwarded to the county prosecutor’s office in which the violation occurred.

For assistance and guidance in reporting a violation of KRS 454.280, please contact Leah Yaden at



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