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Voluntary Certification Program

(as amended September 2016)

Section 1: Purpose

The purpose of this certification program is to raise the level of competency, ensure ethical conduct, maintain requirements for continuing education and to ensure accountability and professional behavior of court reporters for the protection of the public’s health, safety and welfare within the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

If the practice of court reporting seeks to receive the confidence of the public, only qualifying court reporters shall be entitled to declare themselves as a Kentucky “Certified Court Reporter” when all aspects of this program are met and adhered to.

It is the intention of this certification program to gain an opportunity of increasing the status, enhance the necessity and emphasize the important role of our profession within the legal arena and society as a whole.

Any professional member of KyCRA to whom a certificate is issued may use the title "Certified Court Reporter" or the abbreviation therefor "CCR(KY)" with his or her certificate number which may be displayed upon the title and certification page of any transcript.

This program applies to all persons who are professional members in good standing with the Kentucky Court Reporters Association (hereinafter "KyCRA").

Section 2: Definitions

(A) "Court Reporting" means the making of a verbatim record of the spoken word.

(B) "Court Reporter" means any individual engaged in the practice of court reporting as a profession as defined in Section 2(L).

(C) "CCR" means Certified Court Reporter.

(D) "RPR" means Registered Professional Reporter, which is a designation attained by meeting the requirements established by the National Court Reporters Association.

(E) "RMR" means Registered Merit Reporter, which is a designation attained by meeting the requirements established by the National Court Reporters Association.

(F) "RDR" means Registered Diplomat Reporter, which is a designation attained by meeting the requirements established by the National Court Reporters Association.

(G) "CRR" means Certified Realtime Reporter, which is a designation attained by meeting the requirements established by the National Court Reporters Association.

(H) "Committee" as defined herein means the KyCRA Voluntary Certification Committee.

(I) "Program" as defined herein means the KyCRA Voluntary Certified Court Reporter Program.

(J) "Board of Directors" means the officers and directors of KyCRA.

(K) "Freelance" means any court reporter engaged in the practice of court reporting independent of the duties of an official reporter as defined in the statutes of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

(L) "Active Member" as defined in the KyCRA Bylaws Article VII, Section B means: (1) Any reputable and competent shorthand reporter engaged in the profession of court reporting for a period of not less than one (1) year prior to making application for admission as a member; or (2) any person who is the holder of a Certified Shorthand/Court Reporter Certificate issued pursuant to a certification or licensing act under Federal or State law; or (3) any person who has attained the certification of Registered Professional Reporter, Registered Merit Reporter or Certified Realtime Reporter from the National Court Reporters Association; or (4) any person who has graduated from an NCRA approved court reporting school.

(M) Whenever the terms "court reporter," "court reporting," and "certified court reporter" appear in this program, same shall be limited to mean court reporter, court reporting, certified court reporter.

Section 3: Administration

The KyCRA Voluntary Certification Committee shall be appointed by the Board of Directors. The Committee shall implement, oversee and maintain said program as defined herein.

The chairperson, vice-chairperson and secretary of the committee shall be members in good standing with the association and according to KyCRA bylaws and Code of Professional Responsibility and Professional Practice Objectives.

The Committee shall consist of three (3) active members and include a chairperson, one vice-chairperson, and secretary. Committee members must be practicing reporters with a minimum of five (5) years experience in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Terms of the Committee Members: The chairperson shall serve for a three-year term and the other two members shall serve for two-year terms. Any vacancy occurring in the Committee may be filled by the Board of Directors. An appointee filling such vacancy shall serve during the unexpired portion of the term of the member replaced.

Committee members, while engaged in performing their official duties, may be reimbursed for the actual expenses incurred in the performance of such duties out of funds generated by this program upon submission of receipt to the KyCRA Treasurer.

The Committee shall keep minutes of its meetings and all official actions taken. All records of the Committee shall be maintained at a location designated by the committee chairperson.

Section 4: Duties, Power & Authority

1) To review all applications for Voluntary CCR Certification and upon applicant satisfying all requirements issue or authorize to be issued CCR certificate and certificate number.

2) To report any discrepancy or irregularity in the administration of this program immediately to the KyCRA President.

3) To submit status reports via email to the Board of Directors within ten days of each Board meeting.

4) To keep an accurate, up-to-date database of continuing education points for each CCR.

5) Notify participants in writing (electronically or paper copy) of any change(s) to this program a minimum of at least two weeks prior to the association annual business meeting. Changes to the program shall be presented by this committee to the membership for discussion and approval by the voting membership at the association’s annual business meeting, and proposed changes shall become effective upon majority vote at said meeting.

Section 5: Application

1. A professional member seeking certification under this program shall make application by completing the necessary forms, attach required documents as defined in paragraph 2 (b), enclose a check of required funds made payable to KyCRA, and send the materials to the address indicated.

2. A professional member seeking certification as a Court Reporter under this program must meet all of the following requirements:

a. Must be an active member in "good standing" within the KyCRA.

b. Must be a notary public of the Commonwealth of Kentucky or authorized to administer oaths by the governing jurisdiction.

c. Holder of RPR or higher NCRA designation, or a CSR with active status from another state as a result of examination or grandfathering. A copy of certificate must accompany application.

d. Satisfactorily completing the Application for Voluntary Certification.

e. By signing application, applicant agrees to abide by all rules, polices & procedures of this program.

f. Payment of certification fee(s).

Section 6: Certification by Examination

1. Certification by examination under this program shall be by use of the National Court Reporters Association's Registered Professional Reporter Examination.

2. All applicants applying for CCR certification by examination shall be responsible for reading all rules and regulations of NCRA's examination procedure before exam date.

3. It shall be the responsibility of the applicant to provide a copy of the NCRA test result notification with their CCR application.

Section 7: Fees

1. Members applying for certification under this program shall pay to KyCRA fees identified below unless otherwise noted. This program is intended to be a self-funding program, if at all possible, and all fees received for this program shall be used to fund this program's implementation, oversight and maintenance, and any other use as deemed necessary by the board of directors.

2. All fees will be non-refundable and due by January 1.

$30.00 Application Fee

$30.00 Annual Renewal Fee

Section 8: Issuance of Certification

1. Once an applicant has met and satisfied the qualifications as set forth in this program, this committee shall issue the applicant a certificate as a CCR with a certificate number, documentation and other materials deemed necessary. The certificate number shall be placed on the CCR’s certificate page of their transcript.

The certificate shall remain valid as long as the court reporter remains an active member in good standing with the KyCRA, pays annual certification KyCRA dues by January 1st of each year, all required fees, and abides by all rules, regulations, policies & procedures under this program as set forth by the KyCRA and this voluntary program.

Section 9: Continuing Education Requirements

1. Accumulation of a total of 3.0 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) shall be required during each three-year (3-year) certification period. It is the responsibility of each CCR certificate holder to provide the KyCRA with documentation of any CEU points obtained from sources other than KyCRA-sponsored events. CEUs towards the CCR shall begin accumulating on the date set forth on the certificate issued by KyCRA. The KyCRA CEU cycle for holders of RPR, or higher NCRA designation, shall coincide with NCRA CEU expiration dates.

2. The KyCRA Voluntary Certification Committee will maintain a database of continuing education units for each CCR upon submission of proof of CEUs earned. The KyCRA Web site will reflect each CCR's CEUs that have been appropriately reported to KyCRA.

3. A KyCRA Certified Court Reporter may request a four-month extension of their three-year CEU cycle expiration date. The next three-year cycle would still begin on January 1 of the new cycle year, during which time another three CEUs would have to be earned. This extension request must be made in writing and must be accompanied by a $35 processing fee. The form for such request will be made available on KyCRA's Web site.

4. A KyCRA Certified Court Reporter may carry forward up to 0.5 CEU of any credits earned in excess of their current cycle requirements and apply them to their next cycle.

Those excess CEUs must be earned in the last six months of a member's cycle. The excess CEUs must be submitted to KyCRA for processing prior to the CCR's three-year cycle end date. This carryover request must be made in writing. The form for such request will be made available on KyCRA's Web site.

5. All court reporters meeting the requirements of this program shall be listed on the KyCRA Web site with the designation of "CCR(KY)."

Section 9-A: CEUs may be obtain from the following resources:

1. Any CEUs accrued under the auspices of KyCRA-sponsored or NCRA-sponsored events, classes, seminars, projects or activities.

2. Classes taken at state or community colleges will accrue at 1.5 CEUs per credit hour per semester.

3. If a reporter obtains CEUs through a non-NCRA or non-KyCRA-sponsored event and the reporter would like credits applied towards their KY-CCR, a fee of $25.00 shall accompany the application.

4. Any CEUs that are applied toward an NCRA certification will be applied to a reporter’s CCR certification without charge. It is the responsibility of each CCR certificate holder to provide documentation of CEUs that have been applied to an NCRA certification.

5. Granting of .1 CEU per one hour of pro bono services provided to a non-KyCRAsponsored event or organization that promotes the professions of court reporting, CART, and captioning. The $25 fee shall be waived. Board membership, including committee membership, is not defined as a pro bono service. A maximum of 1.0 CEU per three-year cycle may be obtained for pro bono services provided.

6. Service on any KyCRA board or committee: KyCRA members may receive .25 CEUs per year of service on a KyCRA board or committee. KyCRA members will submit a form (available on KyCRA's Web site) when requesting the credits, and the year of service must be completed prior to submission.

Section 10: Nullification, Revocation or Suspension of Certificate

(A) A CCR whose certificate has become null and void will be notified in writing and shall be granted fifteen (15) days to satisfactorily meet requirements for renewal of their CCR certificate.

(B) A CCR’s certificate shall become null and void on March 1 of each year for one or more of the following reasons:

1. Nonpayment of KyCRA dues by January 1 of each year.

2. Failure to provide proof of continuing education units as required in Section 9.

3. Nonpayment of CCR certification renewal fees by January 1 of each year

4. Failure to satisfactorily complete renewal form.

(C) Prior to the revocation or suspension of any certificate, member shall be given notice, and opportunity for hearing before the KyCRA Board shall be afforded.

(D) Any member’s certificate issued under this program shall be suspended revoked for one or more of the following reasons:

1. Conviction of a felony.

2. Failure to abide by KyCRA Bylaws.

3. Failure to abide by any rule, policy, or procedure as defined in this program.

4. Misrepresentation in applying for certification.

5. Three or more written, verified complaints within a three-year period received by the KyCRA Voluntary Certification Committee or the KyCRA Board of Directors from an attorney for one or more of the following:

(a) Failure to make delivery of transcripts to attorney(s) or a court.

(b) Failure to produce a transcript in its entirety, except upon the order of the court, agreement of the parties, or request of a party.

6. Conviction of a Class B Misdemeanor as set forth in KRS 454.280.

Section 11: Reinstatement of Credentials Lapsed

A CCR whose certificate has become null and void pursuant to Section 10(A) or 10(B) of this document can apply for reinstatement of their KyCRA voluntary certification by completing a Reinstatement Application, which will require the following:

1. $100 application fee.

2. Payment of current membership and CCR dues prorated to the time of applications

3. Once fees have been paid, the reinstated CCR must earn 4 CEUs (40 hours) by the end of the current KyCRA grandfathered CCR three-year certification cycle date.

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